Historically, the relationship between Iran, Israel, and the United States has been uneasy and troubled. While the U.S. government would like to move forward, the Iranians who oppose American foreign policy today clearly have not yet forgotten the events and aftermath of the 1979 hostage crisis.

Providing an unbiased analysis of the past, present, and future of the hostile relationship between Iran, Israel, and the United States, this book presents an up-to-date discussion of the security implications for each of the two states as well as the entire region.

Ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel are highly dangerous for the Middle East and have the potential to spark another major war in the region, perhaps on a much larger scale than prior conflicts. Such a confrontation between the two nations would jeopardize regional and international security, and is of immediate concern for the United States.

In this book, Jalil Roshandel and Nathan Lean provide an in-depth look at topics such as Iranian state support for terrorism, its pursuit of nuclear capability and weapons, the implications of this activity for Israel, and their relations with the Iraqi Kurdish region. The United States’ role in this conflict is also detailed, including a history if its relations with Iran, policy with Israel, and position as potential mediator. This book offers valuable context that explains the evolution of these relationships rather than simply summarizing the past and present situations, and concludes with thought-provoking policy alternatives for decision makers.


  • Illustrates the complex relationship between Iran and Israel though an examination of historic events
  • Provides a comprehensive bibliography of significant materials from the fields of history, politics, and international relations
  • Includes an index of subjects, names, places, events, and related issues


  • Documents the causes of the ongoing war of words between Iran and Israel
  • Examines the use of proxy groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah by Iran to sort out political disagreement and religious divergence
  • Explains Israel’s possible reaction to Iran’s nuclear reactor and other potential weapons technology
  • Explores U.S. and international community security implications

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